Love’s Journey


Shape of a heart in clouds

Somewhere in some faraway land, the first cry of a tiny, newborn baby fills the ears of a young mother with joy.

Why does her heart swell with such love, she wonders!

Somewhere, in some faraway land, the first flush of love fills the hearts of a young girl and a young boy, as they shyly steal a glance at each other.

Why do their hearts thud so, they wonder!

Somewhere, in some faraway land a man and a woman are joined in wedded bliss. They gaze into each other’s eyes filled with love.

Why do their hearts beat as one, they wonder!

Why do these faraway lands seem so familiar? You wonder!

Why does the thudding of a heart in the first flush of love seem so familiar? You wonder!

Why do the hearts of the bride and the groom beating as one seem so familiar? You wonder!

Why does the sound of hearing a newborn’s first cry filling the heart of a young mother with such love seem so familiar? You wonder!

The first flush of young love, thudding with innocent wonder!

The hearts beating as one in the union of marriage, gazing at each other with rapt wonder!

The newborn baby’s first cry, filling the young mother with loving wonder!

Could it be that those faraway lands are not so far away?

Perhaps those faraway lands are really where we are?

Do these emotions portray true love in every land, you wonder!

Do those emotions of tender, passionate, all encompassing, complete love not exist in each of us?

Without love, what is life?

Without love, one can only exist.

With love, one truly has life.

With love, life does not end, it just gives way to new life.

Love travels through distant lands, and through the mists of Time

Never ending its journey, only completing it.

Thus the never ending circle of life!

Love is the essence of Life!


~ Sandhya ~



  • Shaila

    What a talented beautiful lady!!
    Beautiful poem❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Neytiri

    Thank you for these words! They are very beautiful and poetic. It was a very touching poem about love!

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