Morning In My World

Purple pink sunrise
Morning in my world is beautiful! No words are enough to capture the true beauty of it! I’ve woken up really early many a time just so that I could witness the awe-inspiring transformation of the skies.

On a moonless night, as I gaze into the inky darkness……
The sky seamlessly turns a magical midnight blue so beautiful.
Stars twinkling at me, almost flirting with me……...
Amused at my helpless fascination as I glimpse into the heavens.

Slowly, the midnight blue in the sky bows to give way to the 
Violet hues, so lovely, so shy, yet so captivating……
Have you ever seen how beautiful the sky is
When it is filled with this magnificent colour?
Even the very confident stars, resplendent in their brilliant glow,
Seem to take a step back to admire this sweet, unassuming 
Colour that is too bashful to linger long….

The first blush of pink comes tip-toeing deep and lush,
Wondering if it has come too early…..
As it greets the lovely violet hues 
And whispers goodbye to the fading midnight blue
That leaves with lingering wistfulness.

The pink, deep and romantic, fills with a rosy glow
As it glides across the skies….
Whispering sweet greeting to the sleepy flowers,
The awakening trees, the slumbering creatures.

The colourful flowers softly clad in rosy glow, sigh with anticipation,
And raise their beautiful faces to the skies……
Seeking the golden rays that shall surely follow.

I venture out into this heavenly bliss….
Stepping softly on the rousing grass
I bow to the lovely flowers, imbued in the hues of dawn
I whisper words of wonder, I speak in hushed tones to them.
Having witnessed their glimpse into heaven.
They give each other secret, knowing smiles….
Have they not been part of this amazing transition since the beginning of Time?
I feel humbled, being but a mere mortal,
But honoured to be part of this serene, heavenly moment of transcendence.

There is a hint of gold in the rosy skies…..
Does that mean the heralding of the majestic golden sun?

Sweet dew- drops glisten upon blades of grass, 
Imbued blue-green in the mystic light ……
Soft, gentle dance of colours in the sky
Reflect upon the clear drop of dew.

Strange little insects drink deeply of the sweet nectar
Deep within the chalices of exotic flowers, and
Lift their heads seemingly almost in a drunken stupour.

Colourful little birds rouse from their slumber…..
Chirping softly, almost afraid to intrude upon this 
Moment of sheer transcendence of beauty.

The new dawn, softly pink tinged with gold, rides the skies…..
Supreme in its ethereal beauty surrounds me,
Touches me, bathes me…engulfs me…..
I am enthralled….I am in awe….. I am humbled….
I am part of this!

Morning in my world!

~ Sandhya ~

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