The Beginning...


Hope. Love. Faith. Sandhya's Radiance.
What inspired me? 

How can I say what inspired me to come up with this incredibly unique creation of mine? 

Dare I narrate to the world my story of Divine Intervention? Who would believe?

My heart tells me that the truth is the only story to be told, for all ears to hear, however incredible it may seem!

Inspiration usually comes to us when we are going through trying times in our lives, when we’re lost and helpless! I was going through a time of difficulties, sadness and helplessness. I had just lost my mother, and my husband had just lost his job, both in the same month of December, 2012. We were going through a very rough time, and nothing seemed to be happening for us. I have always had faith, and I turned to prayer more than ever. I asked God to show me a way to help my family.

I found my answer in the form of the humble egg! The egg, the symbol of new beginnings! Of nature! Of life!

My mother had always used eggshells as nutrients for plants. She saved every eggshell she could to put in her beloved plants. I found myself saving eggshells as well, and using them in my houseplants and my outdoor plants.

What made me wonder that if eggshells were so good for plants, that they would be good for my skin?

I was inspired! I knew in a heartbeat that the inspiration had come straight from God! I took a leap of faith and went where my heart led me! I went with nature. I went with the humble egg. I found the path to a new beginning using all natural ingredients to make my precious product. I went with God’s Creations!

Thank you for being a part of my journey! 

~ Sandhya ~

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